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Morris Family Oil and Gas Operations


The Morris family has provided some of the very best and most dependable services to the oil and gas industry for nearly one-hundred years.  In this industry of highs and lows many companies seem to come and go.  However, our long lasting presence in the industry and the implementation of the fourth generation family members in to the company proves that the Morris family of companies are here to stay and we would like to begin or continue to work for and with you, our valued customers.

Founded in 1979 by Charles J. Morris, Dallas-Morris Drilling, Inc., has grown from a single rotary rig operation to its current operating status of thirteen drilling rigs, five service rigs, frac trucks,  and all necessary support equipment.  C.J. Morris Trucking currently operates eighteen rig moving, pipe moving and water hauling trucks which are used primarily for Dallas-Morris Drilling, Inc.  In efforts to continue providing services to our customers and as a means of incorporating the fourth generation family members into our operations; Dallas Morris Well Services, LLC., and Dallas Energy, LLC were formed.  Dallas Morris Well Service, LLC, currently has a fleet of frac trucks capable of open hole fracking. Dallas Energy, LLC,  currently own and operate about 70 oil and gas wells in the PA, NY area. 
We, the Morris family, pride ourselves on providing our customers with the very best service in the industry.  Our services exceed the industry standard in efficiency and accountability, while continuously improving on our commitment to be leaders in environmental and safety issues.  We are able to achieve these goals because of experience as well as hiring the best employees and procedures in the industry.  The Morris family operations are done on a very personal basis and the results are directly related to the management philosophy that has been instilled in the company owners for nearly one-hundred years.  At Dallas-Morris Drilling, Inc., C.J. Morris & Sons Trucking, Dallas Morris Well Service, LLC, and Dallas Energy, LLC, you deal directly with the owners and top supervisors.  This ensures the highest quality of communication and ultimately provides the customer with the most efficient outcome and the very best results anyone else in the industry can provide.